Our Team

Torre Willadsen
Founder & President

Torre has over twenty years of civilian and military dog training experience, and a passion

for training both dogs and dog handlers for service. He has helped many of his handlers

to adopt their dogs. Torre’s broad knowledge and deep understanding of how canines can help cope with stress, guides this organization and promises to help at-risk veterans recover from PTSD. 

Ryan Hermance
Vice President - West

Sergeant Major Ryan Hermance has 24 years of service to our country as a United States Marine, and was responsible for Deployed Marine Dog Handlers with 7th Marines in 2011 and 2012. What Sergeant Major Hermance didn’t learn in Iraq and Afghanistan about the stress of combat and trauma, he learned when he got back home. 

Brek Rammer
Vice President - Central States

Brek Rammer is a 1993 graduate of University Wisconsin at Eau Claire with a Business Administration degree. He has 20 years’ experience supporting large healthcare organizations, improving the patient experience, and serving a healing mission. He is highly successful in building strong teams through training, coaching and mentoring focused on improved and sustained outcomes.



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